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Japanese Toothpast
Best toothpast from Japanese makers.
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Gold One Product
Face and Total Care for professionals.
15/05/2009 Read more →
New product
"Biore" from Kao Corporation.
25/04/2009 Read more →
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Toyota Company

Today women living in cities have to do many roles. As a mother, wife, society members, superiors, and then, a woman. Japanese scientiests, physicians, beauty experts, are striving hard to protect women and their families from many stresses in the society, facilitate everyday life and make them live a happy life.

Fortunately, such efforts results are spreading throughout the world.We supply Japanese made cosmetics, daily necessity items, and baby products.A big part of these products are already being used by Japanese families, and by request, we could also provide you with products that we are now supplying only to beauty saloons or medical organizations.

New goods

Whitening lotion Gold One

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Gold One Corporation

Total Care Series - Aroma Gold One Excellent Toothpaste

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Gold One Corporation

Total Care Series - Pure Gold Leaf "24K"

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1 bottle

Gold One Corporation

Gold Miracle Make - Beaming White Cream Foundation

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Variety of colors. 30g.

Gold One Corporation

Gold Miracle Make - Queen's Finishing Powder

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Powder with puff. 4g.

Gold One Corporation

Ora 2 Stain Clear Best

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White teeth.40g,140g.

Sunstar Inc.